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Joanne Macko

Joanne Koenig-Macko

Producer & Presenter

Joanne Koenig-Macko is an internationally renowned artist, dynamic presenter, and conference producer.

One night, in 1980, as Joanne was returning from working late on her first published book, a drunk driver traveling 100 mph on a busy freeway almost cut Joanne’s life short. This was a mere ten days after her honeymoon. Little did she realize that her near-death experience would literally transform every perception she had about life, and her purpose here to help humanity.

Defying all the doctors’ prognoses, Joanne went on to play tennis at a national competition, placing third in the United States, which included all of the Bahamas and Puerto Rico.

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton is a Spiritual Medium with the gift of communicating on the other side with those who have passed. Lynn comes from a long line of highly gifted psychics and mediums, it’s been her family’s gift for many generations.

“I want to heal people by speaking for those who can no longer be heard by loved-ones left behind”

What people are saying:
“From the moment I met Lynn, we connected and she shared her wonderful gift with me, she channeled my grandmother and has given me messages with evidence which has been very healing to me. Lynn has given me insights about myself that have been very helpful in my self growth & spirituality, what a great gift to me that I have met her.”-Nickie South Dakota

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

It Your Life – Time To Make It Your Choice!

Dr. Ulwyn Pierre is the CEO of Embracing Freedom, Inc. As a professional speaker, author and former radio host, she speaks on living your true freedom, which is your birthright – the life you crave. She is an internationally recognized and sought-after authority for creating powerful breakthroughs and transformational change for high achievers, globally. She is a global influencer and thought leader, with unbridled courage and uncompromising excellence. With Dr. Ulwyn, you learn to Lead Without Limits framed by her mantra, “Meaningful Success Is The ONLY Option.” Her infectious laugh, sense of humor, and riveting stories capture your imagination and heart.


Bob Macko & Sven Oscar

Transcendental Shivasana – A Vibrational Sound Healing Journey

Within this hour long sound healing journey, you will be musically guided, expanded and transported to deep inner states of consciousness. Enjoy the relaxing sounds of Native Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Australian Didgeridoo, Singing Bowls, Chakra-Tuned Healing Forks and Gong.

Dawn Silver


DAWN SILVER is a Naprapath, Astrologer, Healing Earth Resources founder and author. Her book, “The Jewels of the Lotus, Tibetan Gemstone Oracle”, was the recipient of the national Visionary Arts Award. She has lectured internationally with her “Jewels of the Lotus Crystal Healing Series” certification program and at numerous Crystal Conventions, astrological conferences NCGR, ISAR and SOTA, for various nutritional symposiums…and has been a featured lecturer 5 times with the Sea Angels Psychic Cruises. Dawn hails from the windy city, Chicago, where she is a practicing astrologer and a Naprapathic doctor.

Steve Spyrison

Evocation of the Feminine Spirit through Myth, Art and Scripture.

Dr. Stephen Spyrison is a practicing dentist from Freeport, Illinois. He graduated from Miami University of Oxford, Ohio, with a B.S. in Zoology and from the University of Illinois College of Dentistry at Chicago, BDS, DDS.

He is also a Reiki III Master and has been on multiple medical/dental missions to Mexico and Peru.

Author of Daughter of the Frost- Path of the Servant Master (A must read for any one interested in past lives); In God’s Grace- A spiritual Renaissance; for any one who has questions about religions and what God’s true desires are for us.

Other presentations in the Wisconsin Illinois and Iowa area Bible Code and Indigenous Prophecy, Mary Magdeline and the Divine Feminine, Atlantis, Lemuria and Inner Earth, Beyond Our Dreams- The Intended Legacies of Tesla and Free Energy, & others.

Jane Albright

Gifted from birth, Jane Albright discovered that her ability to see human energy fields increased dramatically in her efforts to connect with her younger brother who died very unexpectedly. Soon afterward, Jane took formal training to enhance and expand her natural talents and work professionally as an energy reader and healing, specializing in chakra balancing. Jane is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher.

Much like a computer, the bioenergy field stores virtually limitless information about us, including patterns and choices we have made and are making. This information can be easily accessed by a trained therapist. By reading and working with your energy field, Jane brings to light issues that you are facing, helping you to gain deeper understanding and new awareness. The process allows you to move through limiting issues, break up patterns that no longer serve you, release old energy, and create profound healing for both spirit and body.

Chaplain Kathy Collins, RMT

Chaplain Kathy will be reading a portion of her memoir manuscript titled *The Soul is a Living Star*. Her memoir is a synchronistic whirlwind that takes you along with her as she fights cancer and is guided to becoming a hospital chaplain.

Her memoir takes you on a mystical journey of her awakening to the metaphysical, its messages, visions, self-healings, and the synchronistic events of people put on her path, like our conference host, Joanne Koenig-Macko, to understanding the interconnectedness of each and every one of us as one.

Chaplain Kathy struggled with her faith and saw a need to step outside the box of conformity on how she connected with the Divine. When she wrote her 14-page back-to-back papers to be considered for the hospital chaplainship program, her future supervisors could only classify her as a mystic.

Her conscious awareness is used to help those transitioning over without the chains of fear, and to bring a mystical approach to those who are left behind on the earth plane. She shares with her patients how both sides are closer than we think. She asks us to be still, and experience this unique connection of bringing heaven and earth together through the Divine Source that resides in the loving memory of our own hearts.

Edic Sedic

Edin Sedic

 Edin Sedic was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started running and training with an eye on the Olympics in the mountainous terrain of his homeland, despite oncoming missiles as his country headed into conflict. He trained vigorously with his cousin and best friend Mirso, and in facing many obstacles with war looming ahead, he learned some of his most valuable lessons in life.

Edin’s past experiences only deepened his heart’s desire  to inspire, motivate and encourage others to improve themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so humanity can come together to make this World a better place to live.   It is in that Unity, we can impact one another positively and help our Dear Planet to heal.  It is in his struggles, he learned to persevere no matter what he is faced with.

Edin believes the ultimate solution for all world problems is to raise the vibrations and the awareness on the planet during this great time of Transition. He is proud to be part of that movement.

Katrina Bui



JUST ADDED! Dr. Ulwyn Pierre to speak Sunday afternoon.  Meet one of the top Life coaches to world leaders. Join us for an Experiential event to move YOU forward!