Welcome to the 12th Annual Lightworkers Conference!

The Lightworkers Midwest Conference (LMC) is the longest running high-conscious high-energy motivational conference in the Chicago area.  It is a top-rated event that attracts best-selling authors, dynamic motivational leadership coaches, archaeologists, spiritual entrepreneurs and wisdom-filled presenters on many cutting-edge topics.


Years Running


Changed Lives


Joyful Moments

What You Will Experience

Attendees often leave feeling inspired, expanded, excited, motivated and enlightened. Many people love the heart-centered atmosphere created, and often develop long-lasting friendships. At the conference, there is live music, entertainment, high quality vendor shopping, dynamic speakers and interactive workshops. All events and shopping are in the same area, so attendees never have to miss a speaker! We often receive feedback that the conference has literally changed their lives for the better! Are you ready?


High Energy

Amazing Lectures

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